How to choose a UI UX design agency?

User experience design (UX/UI designing) is an overall process that caters to a user’s experience while they engage with mobile applications, games or websites. It is an essential part of a successful brand and product development. It supports businesses to make their offerings more purposeful and fulfilling for end-users. A recent study even stated that 88% users do not wish to continue browsing a website that offers a bad user experience.

Hence, any UI UX design agency must offer design solutions that are easily accessible, user-friendly, robust and reliable. However, selecting a good UI UX design agency comes with its own set of unique challenges. So how do you identify a UI UX design agency that is apt to cater to your business needs?

How to choose a UX/UI designing agency?

1. Portfolio

A strong portfolio can prove an agency’s proficiency. It gives you an overview of how capable their brand strategists are. Dig in deep into their ideologies and if they have managed to turn them into successful live projects. It is also essential to keep an eye out for such an agency that takes a unique approach to every project.

2. Quality of Service and Communication

The foundation of an association is built on the ground of quality of services.

The UI UX design agency must listen to its clients and understand their needs. Their design work must reflect the company’s core values and brand’s positioning in the market. It has to be upbeat, chic and quality controlled. Feedback and client reviews must be encouraged by the team. These are excellent evaluation points to choose the agency for your brand.

3. Services offered

Your business must have one dedicated team of determined individuals handling the portfolio. If you get many services under the same roof, there will be brand synergy, quality control and optimum utilisation of time and money. Individuals in the same team with different skill sets can benefit the brand tremendously. At the same time, they can learn and innovate from each other’s experiences as well. Designers can work with web developers and backend teams to bring innovative solutions for possible technological limitations or challenges.

4. Flexibility

UX/UI designing is a long evolving process. It has a sequence and logic to it. Your agency must make you aware of that and not jump to the solution stage. They must be flexible to incorporate inputs at the development stage, if required even be willing to work on possible features. Your suggestion could result in a more effective solution for your users.5. Curiosity

A good agency would ask you multiple questions about the brand’s goals and visions. They follow a research-based approach where every small detail holds immense value for designing the basic structure of your online presence. They would want to understand the user behaviour basis which they would build user personas. Curiosity will help them treat every project as unique and drive them to make it better than its competitors.

Benefits of hiring NCR based Ikokas as your UX/UI design agency Gurgaon

32% customers are noted to quit on a brand they previously loved after a bad experience, even if it was just once. This report by PWC is the reason why you need to make an informed choice about the agency you wish to onboard.

The brand strategists at Ikokas understand that the role of UX is vital in the success of a product. Extensive knowledge in UX design field enables us to propel your company ahead of your competitors.
The offering of a user experience design goes beyond the product’s look and feel. Hence, we aim at providing structured information to your users with easy navigation and intuitive designs.

A strong and valuable user experience offered by Ikokas  helps in retaining and acquiring a large customer base. Our well-designed applications and websites fuel user engagement by guiding them towards sought-out action tabs. With advanced AI-backed systems, we take pride in streamlining layouts that save valuable time and cost.

Right from quality visual designs to low effort task completions and intuitive navigation designs, all your UX/UI designing needs will be taken care of with great efficiency. Get in touch with us now and let us show you how we can take your brand folio several notches higher. You can even speak to some of our valued clients.


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