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Who We Are

We help you unleash your Business Potential

We are a team of experts helping you earn through your digital assets. We create designs that are not just attractive, but also support your idea in the best manner. Our digital team ensures an inclusive growth of your brand and business. Our data-driven approach supported by analytics helps you increase your traffic and generate leads from your website. Our Business Intelligence team is diligently working on every aspect of your business in giving relevant insights to improve the data quality of your business.

With the proficiency in Data-driven-Designing, Programming and Digital Marketing, we do everything one could ask for in building a brand and propelling your business growth.


Why We founded

Passion to Perform, Codes for Success

The market is glutted with startups and small & mid-sized companies who have little understanding of cutting edge technology, the Internet, the nature of search engines, and web design agencies who build websites more to appeal to the business owner than the target audience. We simply wanted to stay true and honest to our clients. We envisioned a Digital Agency who would be a true success partner with our clients, crystallize their vision, provide the strategy and help realize their business goal — we believe in staying with our clients for the long haul, dealing with the issues that inevitably arise while refining their strategy for success.

Our Concept and Approach

We understand how challenging it is to establish a business. The requirements may be endless, whether it is –

  • Developing a unique product
  • An outstanding service
  • Capitalising over your competitors
  • Making a mark in the eyes of consumers

Every parameter mentioned above requires a thorough demographic study based on insights that would ensure a healthy sustenance for a business. Hence, data is the most powerful tool that can make you big in your category. Our Data-driven strategy has substantially helped to make sense of structured and unstructured data, and apply that knowledge to a wide range of business functions. Now, you no longer need to blindly guess your next move. We help you make predictable deductions out of the refined information from our various in-house data sources. We utilize behavioral data, commonly known as people analytics for a better observation, helping you boost sales operations.

What sets us apart

Companies have been spending plenty of dollars in Big data analytics and AI driven initiatives. Yet, they haven’t been getting desired results that can be proved effective for all. On the other hand, we as a data-driven company utilizing Web 3.0 – the new paradigm in web interaction have developed in house tools to produce exemplary solutions. The curiosity to dig into the data and glean insights has helped us fetch information helping businesses sustain in the longer run. Our data-driven decisions and predictions have given some specific answers and quantification to the questions that were previously, a mere guesswork. We apply thresholds to activities and performance, enabling businesses to make decisions in real-time ensuring changes in the strategy accordingly.

Rather than being a one-time declaration, our derived data has proved to be an ongoing resource, continually revealing new pathways to improvement as more and better data is collected. People regard data as a mystical soothsayer, whereas it’s actually more of a guide pointing towards the right directions. Hence, we believe that starting with a right attitude towards data saves a lot of disappointment for the future.

Command over tools and analytics

We are amongst the very few data-driven 3D (Designing, Development and Digital Marketing) companies in India with a spark to redefine the way analytics work. Unlike every other company in our territory, we have defined a set of standard KPIs, covering leading and lagging indicators. The lagging indicators being highly predictive in nature, confirm long-term trends. We utilize dashboards to deliver data on KPIs that do not interfere with the standard processes. This includes involvement of Data Analytics into everyday business practices making decision process smoother and efficient.

We let data do the talking,

Join us to have an enthralling experience.

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Parvinder Singh
Founder & Ceo
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We pride ourselves in honing your business strategy

We Lead from the Front We are a Digital Agency based in Gurgaon, India. We help companies discover their business potential digitally using a combination of data analytics and smart technology.

Our Vision
Achieve outcomes that drive value and growth for clients by using the DIGITAL concept, setting them in the right direction.

Our Mission
To have fun at work, while delivering serious results! To fuel your business by connecting all the dots like Research, Design, Development, Content & Marketing.

Delivering Results using Analytics
• Increase organic traffic and overall ROI
• Increased ROI
• Better conversion and engagement
• High performance, increased productivity
• Optimized infrastructure
• High impact designs
• Enhanced business results, higher ROI