Being an existing player or a startup in the market you always need to work on updates and newest strategies to draw traffic to your shop. Some of your strategies will boost up your business instantly but will not prove to be successful throughout the year.

As the new entrants enter the market, there are various changes with respect to the taste and preferences of the customers,  this is why you also need to implement changes in your strategies timely.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of trending ways to increase eCommerce traffic for your website so you can build upon your current success and be the No. 1 in the game always. 

Get your Content out 

Content should always be written with your unique value proposition in mind. As per the latest report by Google, your web visitors spend 15 seconds or less on a page. So why not use every one of those seconds to reinforce why your product offers something that no one else can.

Publishing consistent, valuable, and storytelling content drives 100’s of traffic to your eCommerce site. Unfortunately, though 92% of content marketers believe blog content is an asset to the success of their business, only half of them have an established method for producing content on their websites.

Start from a WordPress Blog which gives customers more insights of what they are seeing, 

Consider publishing product reviews, demos and tutorials, news articles, and other informative guides that will encourage the audience to visit your site

Referral program strategy

If you’re a complete newbie to marketing and traffic generation, what do we mean by referral traffic? Referral traffic is essentially visitors that come to your blog from various other channels, both online and offline.

Here’s one of the great example – Only Dollar Shave Club members (that is those paying the monthly subscription fee) can refer their friends. On successfully referring a friend, you will get credit points that can be redeemed in future purchases from Dollar Shave Club.

The Dollar Shave Club referral campaign was set in place as from the get-go. When launching back in 2012. Dollar Shave Club got a ton of publicity through their sarcastic and funny intro video featuring CEO Michael Dubin. The referral program helped in creating a viral loop, making sure converted customers tell their friends about their latest subscription. In fact, in a week Dollar Shave Club got over 25,000 paying users.

Never neglect Your Existing Customers: 

You might be aware of this, but are you still focusing on your existing customer?
Always focusing on trying to reach your new customers, and neglecting your existing customers is the biggest mistake. 

Getting new customers is always good for any business not at the bait of losing your existing ones. 

You must try to provide some additional benefits to your existing customers which can create a sense of connection with you. For an eCommerce site, a continuous increase in sales can be achieved if their existing customers are retained with them. And this can be possible only when they will be getting some extra benefits from your store.

Optimize for Mobile First

According to Google’s update, your website must be mobile-first optimized. 60% of mobile users have purchased something online from their device. Whatever your stategy is, never forget to optimize your site for mobile shoppers.

If no mobile-friendly means no business. In other words, if your site isn’t showcasing properly on different mobile and smartphones, the chances of getting organic visitors are narrow. Therefore, make your site responsive. 

Did we miss Emails?

It should come as no surprise that constructing an engaging email list is one of the most effective methods for driving traffic to your online website.

Promotional emails build loyalty and keep customers coming back for more. You’re letting your “best customers” in on something special before anyone else. Do check out templates. 61% of marketing experts agree that mail marketing is one of the best tools for marketers to engage with their audience. Use it often, but use it wisely.

Get yourself Socially bragging

In this z generation of the modern era, your presence on social networks is absolutely essential to your business victory. 92% of consumers trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% trust a recommendation from a total stranger.

Social proof is exactly what it sounds like. It’s proof that your peers (or at least a big chunk of the population) trust a brand enough to buy from it.

Speaking of social media, video consumption is on the rise and social media sites are well aware of it. So much so, that this year Facebook is lifting the ban on pre-roll ads on video content posted to Facebook feeds. Now you know where exactly you need to brag your business!


So, these were some of the key points which have been tried and tested by Ikokas Digital Agency specialized in providing you Digital Strategies for Corporates. These were some of the tested points and some key points which must be added to your marketing strategy checklist in order to keep up with the tends.

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