Growth Hack – once primarily used by early-stage startups is more than a Silicon Valley buzzword. This term refers to a set of strategic ideas performed to achieve massive growth on a narrow budget. With a growth hacking mindset, social media advertising can be used not only to grow your business with numbers or attract users, but it can also help you rapidly grow your audience on Digital Platforms.

Without any doubt, the No. 1 social media growth hack for growing any business and those of your clients are – shareable visual content. Whether it’s images, infographics, or a viral video, all of these work as the Best Hack you could easily implement. The solution is not only creating visuals that are creative, professional, eye-catching, or engaging but optimizing them for the platform you’re focusing on – is a Must. 

Our Digital Growth Hackers have listed down latest trending Hacks for Social Media  –

  1. Creative header images on blog posts that could be sharable across various blogging sites. 
  2. Engaging infographics across articles, web pages, blogs, case studies or whitepapers (not just data made pretty, but helpful, with actionable information)
  3. Thought-provoking & helpful video which includes your audience to connect and engage with you. Never forget a smart call to action here. 
  4. Visuals (from Instagram Stories to creating boards on Pinterest) that stand out but also encourage users to engage or take action

 With all of the variations of content types — even fun visuals like GIFs or memes — there’s one thing in common. Always tailor your content for the platform you’re posting on. Not every type of content suits every platform, so you better think first about what type of content works on which social platform and optimize your visuals for size, medium, and content.

And when it comes to hiring a Digital Agency to manage your Social Meda account, you can’t go wrong with asking relevant questions — with Ikokas Digital Agency, you get a promising team to help you manage your Digital Assets. 

Spend time defining your goals for social media and identifying the audience you want to reach via social promotions. Try focusing on attracting the right set of followers and engage them with quality content that adds value to their lives and ultimately encourages them to take action — whether that’s signing up for your service or buying your product.

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