Why do you need an SEO friendly website?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) has been around for many years now. We have all come across people who claim to get your website ranked in the top Google search results by using some irrelevant content topics and keyword stuffing. But is that really sustainable? Your organic visits set the impression of your brand for the first time visitors in most cases, it is important to get the basics right.

What is an SEO friendly web design?

SEO friendly web design is the strategic process of designing, developing and maintaining a website keeping the search engine algorithm in mind. Google search engine algorithm, for example, takes into consideration over 200 factors based on which the web pages are ranked for any specific search. Although, it is not 100% clear as to which factors are given more priority over others the best way around this is to keep optimizing and this starts from getting the basic website structure right. This includes easy crawlability for indexing, better navigation, optimized URL structure, sufficient usage of H1, H2 and anchor texts and optimized templates for all webpages.

What are the benefits of a search engine optimized website?

Here are some benefits that your business can achieve keeping SEO friendly web design as a priority:

Increase in organic traffic: More than 90% of clicks go to the first 10 results on any web search. This not only brings in more organic traffic but also users looking for relevant information OR product OR service.

Decrease in paid marketing spends: With the growth in your organic traffic, you will eventually need less or no paid marketing.

Easy conversion with high-quality traffic: Whether you are looking to sell products online to individual customers or getting more form submissions, organic traffic has a much higher conversion rate across all industries. These are the people looking exactly for what you offer.

User-friendly website: With SEO as a priority in your web design process, the interlinking, navigation, page depth and other structural aspects as given utmost importance. This helps in optimizing the UX as well.

Gives you brand credibility: Users are more likely to trust web pages that show up in the top results of search engines, rather than the paid advertisements.

Saves money: Outbound cold calling, nurturing campaigns and long conversion processes take up a lot of budgets. With an optimized website, you can expect high-quality leads, ready to purchase and reduced pressure on your sales team.

Sustainable growth: Your Google Ads campaigns, paid social campaigns, email campaigns, etc. might give you results until you keep allocating a high budget. On the other hand, a carefully set up SEO friendly website keeps getting higher visibility and traffic without any marketing spend.

Chances of getting a featured snippet: On top of all the other benefits, with really relevant content about a certain product, service or a topic, you might also get a featured snippet – driving a much higher volume of traffic to your website.

How can you get your website to be SEO friendly?

Here are some of the factors kept in mind while designing an SEO friendly website by our experts at Ikokas Digital Agency:

If you are looking for SEO friendly web design/redesign reach out to our team of expert SEO developers for a FREE CONSULTATION!

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