Understanding the importance of UI/UX Design

User Experience, or UX, and User Interface, or UI, are both the past two decades’ buzzwords. Though they sound similar and mean the same to a layman, they go hand-in-hand. Survey says at least 88% of people are ‘less likely’ to visit a website after a bad user-experience. And 85% of adults think that a company’s mobile website should be as good as their desktop website.

In this blog, we talk about the meaning, function, differences, and importance of UI/UX design and what it means to have a UI/UX design in place.

Meaning : What does UI/UX Design really mean ?

The digital age has increased the ‘Human-Computer Interaction’ (HCI). Gadgets and technology surround us in everything we do. So, what is UI Design? User Interface (UI) is a bridge between humans and computers. It makes digital products and services usable. User-interface is a point of interaction between the user and digital product, like a kiosk or smartphone screen. For software, apps, and websites, UI design considers the visual appeal, typography, graphics, color schemes and the look-and-feel of those products. UI design makes digital products intuitive, friendly, aesthetic and responsive.

52% of users say the main reason not to revisit a website is aesthetics. Our UI designers captivate the users with a goal in mind. Understanding the expectations from the interface – what it is meant to do, is crucial. Functionality is a key component of an effective UI design. User tasks must be met to achieve the usability of an interface. Images, icons, and visual layout together create an attractive and captivating experience for users.

User-Experience (UX), is a user-centric approach to designing products and services, digital or physical. UX is the interaction between the user and the product/service, regardless of its medium. For example, the design of a smartphone, ease of holding it, the camera arrangement, access to the memory card, etc., create a user-experience. The goal of a UX design is to create a comfortable experience for the user. Unlike UI, UX aims at customer’s overall experience, not just a function.

Function : The important roles of UI and UX design for your business

UI makes digital products user-friendly and intuitive. The UI design is aimed at the functionality of a product. For example, when a customer opens your website via a desktop, then switches to the mobile site and eventually downloads your app – the interface of all three must feel seamless and ‘one.’  A UI design creates a flawless and intuitive interface for users – to navigate the digital product/service with little thinking. UI must be in sync with the brand’s visual elements, to make it consistent and aesthetic. At Ikokas, our team of in-house UI/UX designers understand and blend the design with brand elements to make it look-and-feel the same across platforms.

UX design enhances the UI design for a wholesome experience. Be it shopping at company’s store, website, or app – it will be quick and familiar everywhere. Adobe states that 39% of users will stop engaging with content, when the loading takes too long. With the right design of UI/UX, Gurgaon based agency increases customer engagement while minimizing interruption – across mediums.

Differences : UI design supports UX

UX and UI are not wholly different – they work in sync. User-interface complements User-experience. According to PWC, 32% of users leave the brand they love, due to just one bad experience. For example, Apple’s minimalist approach reflects in its simple-to-use iOS and macOS interface design. From shopping at an Apple Store to surfing its website, unboxing its products, and using those products, there is consistency. The apps developed by Apple, such as Apple Pay and App Store, are easy to install and use. The design across the brand feels familiar. Using different Apple devices or services, do not feel very different due to UI/UX design.

Importance : How to integrate UI/UX design into your strategy correctly

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, shift is towards everything digital. UI/UX Design are more vital now. With an increase in work-from-home, lockdowns, curfews and restrictions, more people use online resources. It opens vast opportunities to target customers and audience, that was harder to reach before. The right guidance of UI/UX design experts will transform your business.

Calling the experts : Hire a UI/UX design agency

Outsourcing UI/UX design to the experts can provide valuable insights  – to improve your business’ visibility, accessibility and appeal to potential customers.

Ikokas is an end-to-end IT solutions provider. Our in-house team of UI/UX designers understand what it takes to build a solid and useful UI. Our wide range of IT solutions work in sync to keep up the performance of UI/UX. Reach us at [email protected] for a quick UI/UX consultation, today. Or, visit us at https://www.ikokas.com/services/ui-ux-designing/ for a preview of our comprehensive IT solutions.

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