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Resource Augmentation in the Smart Enterprise
In this modern era of globalization, technological developments have made it possible to build international remote teams easily and without any risk. The world around us is changing and most corporates have an eye on talent management solutions to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies while delivering technical and operational projects. There is a strong focus placed on project deliverables to ensure that tasks are completed effectively and efficiently. Technology-related organizations are increasingly transitioning from the classical in-house development model to dedicated development teams and IT resource augmentation.
Most corporations make use of Resource Augmentation, which is an outsourcing strategy to acquire expertise based on specific criteria to support project objectives. It helps not just to knock off the time and resource costs incurred on recruitment but also removes the infrastructure costs as well as the geographical barriers to recruitment.
We believe Resource Augmentation helps to hone in on the right skillsets and experience required for the successful delivery of projects across all industries.

How Resource Augmentation can help you work in a seamless world

Resource Augmentation is the process of the addition of resources to a particular team or business process to meet the specific project demand and timely delivery. It is a means for businesses to scale up or down quickly using temporary workers instead of permanent employees. There are two types of resource augmentation services – short-term and long-term. The former fits the projects that do not require hiring a specialist for a long-time while the latter is designed for projects that last six months or more.

With staff augmentation, you have the flexibility to pick the candidates of your choice and manage them with the methods you prefer. It’s the service provider that takes over the administrative hassles, so you can focus your energies to deal with your core responsibilities and work with your augmented team, as seamlessly as you do with your in-house team.

Resource Augmentation at Ikokas

In today’s transient world, we recognize that recruiting talent for complex IT projects can be difficult, but here’s help at hand. While partnering with Ikokas, You can rely on us to take care of the sourcing, selection, and onboarding of qualified candidates with the requisite skillsets, experience, and competency levels apt for your job. We strive to offer practical solutions with our Resource Augmentation services. We assist businesses to save time from the cumbersome process of screening, hiring, and training. We aid in the management of the resources in a synchronized manner and provide your company with full control of the resource.

If you are struggling to find immediate IT staff augmentation services, you can give your search process a shot in the arm by choosing us as your workforce partner to solve staffing challenges that range from locating hard-to-get niche talent to filling up urgent demands. At Ikokas, we use our insights, expertise, and global knowledge to make relevant, practical connections every day. We have consistently delivered optimal solutions for our wide-ranging global client base.

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