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Cloud Computing has transformed IT. Where there was a need for an individual to be physically present to execute various IT tasks, it now takes only a few taps. Cloud computing has enabled you to handle even the most complex tasks remotely. Cloud computing not only makes data ubiquitously available to you but also reduces the business cost by reducing the need for employees. Many organizations have now successfully shifted from traditional, physical operations to cloud operations; they have successfully adopted cloud computing and improved operational efficiency by almost 40%.

What is cloud adoption?

To reduce operation costs, risks, and achieve scalability, many organizations tend to take strategic steps. One of those steps is to shift the company’s traditional operating procedures to cloud computing. There can be various forms of cloud adoption in an organization. It all depends on which aspects of the business the organizations intended to move onto the cloud. Some organizations opt for total cloud adoption while others, semi-transformation, permit them to transfer only select functions to the cloud.

What are the benefits of cloud adoption?

The biggest plus is cloud adoption’s ability to enable automated remote control. The business has been relying on traditional custom-designed bespoke IT systems pre-cloud computing. Every function or application in these conventional systems needs its own densely configured software that comes with storage devices, network devices, security systems, and much more. This calls for a dedicated storage space to ensure the faultless running of business operations, which, to maintain, are not-so-kind for your pocket. Thus, cloud companies enable companies to reduce IT costs up to 35%, minimize human involvement by implementing automation, improve scalability and flexibility of all IT functions, and enhance service quality.

Stages of cloud adoption

Cloud adoption is a big deal; it is done with strategic steps, and in 3 different stages to ensure zilch data loss or any other setback. The mainframe, server, IT architectures, and every other component or function can be transferred through these 3 distinct stages – Application Transformation, Network transformation, and Security Transformation.
Application transformation includes the transfer of all the software aspects of the company, network transformation consists of the transfer of software-defined-networking capabilities while the 3rd stage of Security Transformation includes relocation of all the security modules that are in place to protect the organization from any breaches.

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