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Ikokas  recognizes that with the current scenario of advancing technologies, it is an inherent marketing strategy to implement UX/UI Design. Consumers are looking for a smooth, efficient and convenient experience, brands that cater well to it succeed in performing better in business. There’s no denying that UX/UI design is a game-changer for your business. For a start-up or a large corporate alike, the user experience plays a vital role and Ikokas understands this and gives UX/UI projects the due importance they deserve. Ikokas has built an expert in-house team that is trained on UX/UI design projects to ensure that our clients can meet the discerning consumer demands of a seamless interface while browsing any screen be it laptop or tablet or smartphone. We know that today a well-designed user interface (UI) is a must for any digital product like a mobile app, website, and even enterprise software. Thus, Ikokas’ team strategizes and implements the latest technologies and tools that create an impactful experience for users. The team executes projects to make it more UX/UI sustainable to perform seamlessly and increases your engagements and conversions.


UX/UI is important in controlling the interface of your website and app.

A functional experience is covered by UX and the necessary and interactive visualization is covered by UI hence they work closely on interdependence. It’s about one egg in many baskets considering the access given to consumer on multiple devices hence the catering towards demands becomes more fluidic and elastic in consideration of platform. The research team at Ikokas discusses and gains a holistic perspective of the client, the business and target consumers to create a product that is easy to navigate, and boosts the interaction and experience over several iterations prior to the completion of the design. It is this that makes Ikokas one of the few digital agencies that can flawlessly take a product from an initial idea to a finished product and beyond.


Wireframe creates a blueprint of the product which not just drives the entire process, but also serves as visual reference of the final outcome. Drawing creates a framework and gives a visual insight to the Ikokas Design team to take a decision on whether to incorporate any inputs or idea. Our team of UI/UX designers drafts the interface and does a pilot run to see the skeleton and once it is aligned with the brand’s guidelines and perspective, we move forward with the next step. Having an interval between things for testing helps us save the overall execution time and improves the quality as well.


Experience and interaction are amongst the first few steps for a brand to go digital. Brands that give a good and interactive experience on their website have more chances of conversions. Your user is getting smarter and demanding more in their digital approach. It’s just not about using a webpage or app to browse, they now seek interactive platforms that deliver. IKOKAS provides you the advantage of being a data driven digital agency, by creating an interface and experience that is visually appealing, and serves your consumers’ needs. Customers may sometimes not notice a great user experience, but they will complain even if their experience is anything but awesome! User experience is a strategic business tool, and if you come to experts like Ikokas,who has the best UX/UI Design team in India you’ll see a lot of positive changes


Colors have a great influence on human moods and certain colours have a specific association in our minds (it’s a pre conditioning for e.g. Red is Danger or Love) and hence colors cause a certain reaction in your consumers. UI creates a contrast that serves the right amount of harmony between different colors. Synchronization of color brings a perspective and a Call to Action. Ikokas pays good attention to texts, fonts, animation and layouts to create the right set of combination between color groups and designs, ensuring an interface that connects and leaves a relevant psychological effect to create a better experience that also influences your consumer.

Final Design

The final delivery of design and implementation takes place in accordance to the amalgamation of process and work done. We ensure we provide support and inputs in sync with changing attributes of the industry standards. We deliver excellence and ensure the incorporation of your inputs and are always open to your feedback. Our constant efforts to not just meet, but exceed our Clients’ expectations helps us sustain and retain them in the long run.

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