Considered one of the Biggest Search Engines, YouTube is Changing the Face of Digital Media.

As per Business Insider study , 567,000 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube each day.Be it for socialising or marketing purposes, this platform is immensely beneficial for its users.

All you need to know is how to optimize your content for the platform.

YouTube SEO will help you do that. It is a strategy for improving placement in search results and bringing your content on top for more hits. But how does that happen?

Youtube-SEORead to know the 5 Steps to Use YouTube SEO for Ranking Your Videos

1. Use impactful keywords

Do an in-depth keyword research and as a general rule of thumb, pick keywords that are the most commonly entered words in the search bar. It is ideal to pick keywords that are common and can get you volume. Another tip is to try and narrow down the keywords to match your content as much as possible. The niche created is less competitive and chances are that you may get more views and amplify your video marketing.

2. Work on the video title

This is one of the most crucial factors to index and rank your YouTube content. The title needs to be compelling and must specify the content of the video. The viewers like to know what they are going to be spending their time watching. Is it fun? Is it knowledgeable? Address their curiosity and promise them something specific about what they can expect once they click the link to watch the video. Having said that, try and keep it crisp and self-explanatory. De-complicate it as much as possible and upload the file with the target keyword in it. Your video’s chances of being ranked go higher and you could also gain more search volume.

3. Add tags

Tags are crucial for your YouTube video marketing. The platform recommends related videos basis the tags used in the video. When someone searches for a specific video, YouTube pops up various videos using the tags and these suggested videos become an important source of traffic. Choose a maximum of 5 to 8 targeted tags that also explain your video’s theme. It drives search as the tags get hyperlinked and make key trends more visible. Korean education brand Pinkfong’s Baby Shark Dance was the first ever video to surpass 10 billion views. Many creators then started creating videos using the same tags for higher ranking.

4. Thumbnail

A great way to increase your viewership clicks and thus rankings is to use an eye-catching thumbnail. Use a high-quality image preferably that depicts the topic of the video. You can also add text to attract more attention and use colours that are pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, Google also uses image recognition so when someone is using that search engine, it can automatically filter out certain imagery and pop your video link in the search. Your video’s presence will go even further up in the relevant results.

5. Focus on user engagement

Engagement metrics namely the likes, comments, saves, shares and subscriptions correlate strongly with good SEO outcome by means of more clicks and higher rankings. It is important to spur quality conversations about your videos. How viewers respond to your content is what keeps people on your YouTube page. Take the time to address concerns and respond to comments and messages. Moreover, use a personal tone when responding to YouTube comments as it gives a more approachable feel.

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly active users. By following these tips, you’ll no longer have to wonder how to gain popularity on YouTube. There is no limit to what people can do on YouTube, whether it is solving a challenge, being entertained, or talking business. Users are flocking to this video distribution site, which is becoming increasingly popular.

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