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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an approach for optimization of your website to place the right set of fundamentals that includes relevant content and keywords for search engine increasing your brands visibly. For a start-up, it is essential to build visibility and improve Google ranking which is a challenging task that Google keeps on updating its algorithm and it’s a full-time job keeping track of these changes and knowing how to beat it! That is when experts like Ikokas Digital who follow Data-Driven SEO methods come to your rescue. Ikokas’ core objective when it comes to providing SEO services for your key digital asset, is to optimize the website in such a way that it becomes easier for the leading search engines to identify your website and to place it on a good rank increasing your visibility.
IKOKA’s team of SEO specialists work and provide end-to-end solutions. Their unceasing efforts to keep themselves aware of the updated market and consumer trends aid them to cherry-pick the relevant keywords and phrases for your brand.


As a first step towards development, it is important to do a market research to see all the new trends, technical and behavioural changes in consumers and their demands. Our team performs a 360 degree study that includes on page, off page, backlinks, indexing and other factors. As a part of our research & discovery stage, we observe the most searched keywords and suggest how it is relevant for your website. We not only research on the keywords and content but on the competitive keywords as well which enables us to enrich your website data and keeps you at the top of the rank in market. The right set of keywords pulls the ideal customer capitalising it to your revenues and profits.


Being a complete digital it solutions compnay, analysis is our forte at Ikokas – we know how to sieve through reams of data to cull out the patterns that emerge from it. There is a method to the seeming madness, which our stellar team uses to make meaning of it. Post the research, we accumulate the data and work on upgrading your website and content.

Our Analysis helps in us reviewing your own performance and gives an intuition of market how effective is your website against the search engines requirement. Our Research and Analytics processes this research data with advanced tools that benefits you to look into the need gaps, areas of improvement and potential growth. IKOKAS does an insightful competitor analysis, that helps in assessing your competitors’ position and as part of the process we audit your site vis a vis theirs. This includes the positioning of your website’s content, correct keywords and on and off page activities and implementing changes aligning it with data for a better results and POI.


Our SEO strategy includes enlisting your amongst all the popular search engines so that your site so that your site shows up on the relevant content against the searched keywords. Your page content, choosing and placement of keywords are most essential in creating your brand awareness. Your content attracts the algorithm of the search engine, which increases the rank of your page. Our strategies are mostly based on backbone factors likes Technical SEO, On Site -Offsite optimization and Value-Rich content optimizing the structure of your website. By following the user behaviour, bounce rates and patterns of customers IKOKAS successfully creates a strategy that increases the organic traffic contributing to customer time spent on website and increases the chances of conversion.


Optimizing your website means improving your online presence that comprises of technical and marketing techniques by pushing your website to valuable target audience and for existing traffic.

Your on – page optimization includes elements like visual content, descriptions for your customer and off – page optimization includes back linking and external signals. A correct blend of both is an essential requirement for generating the right traffic on your website. IKOKAS adopts the best in class strategies and follows guidelines like character limit, page speed, rich content and other factors. We utilise tools that are in sync with search engines and are quick in reporting precise information to help in optimization and evolution of your website.

Learning and Action Items

IKOKAS has successfully contributed in delivering the success of the marketing campaigns of several of its clients from across different industries. We do not restrict ourselves to any particular industry and our approach is industry agnostic.

Our learnings while working for many varied clients gives us a broader window of actions and helps us to cater to your needs better.

Our internal review systems have given us a chance to look at our work and journey in a way to highlight the areas of taking a step forward in the course of learning. Our reviews, our motoring of the progress and our subsequent conclusions drawn during the monthly project reviews, which are part of our system, fulfils the complete loop of work evaluation for us to improvise and help you get better in our SEO service for you.

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