We all are familiar with SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The primary role of SEO is to increase your visibility on Google by organic search. In simple words, a good SEO strategy will help you bag the top rank on Google that will ultimately divert the quality and quantity of traffic to your website.

E.g. You are a fashion blogger with a website who loves writing about cosmetics & their effects; you want people to notice it. What strategy will you use? You will have to use the keywords like “best cosmetics for various types of skin”. The exact use of keywords will rank your page in the top five searches & you will have traffic abundantly because of reliable information.

To date, Google leads global search traffic by 70% followed by Baidu at 13%, Bing at 12% and lastly Yahoo at 2%. The first five organic searches on the first page account for the maximum clicks at 67.60% of which is where your business’s website must rank.

Many businesses fail to rank on SERPS because they do not invest in SEO or the strategy implemented is not up to the mark? As per the 2021 reports:

Almost 93% of buying happens via Google search & that is how we come to know the importance of ranking on the first page.

49% of small businesses invest in SEO.

31% have not invested but have plans to do it sooner or later

Around 18% have no plans on executing an SEO strategy on their businesses.

This is where SEO outsourcing comes into play. SEO outsourcing or Offshore SEO is a method of tying up with outhouse SEO companies to boost your businesses online. Outsourcing SEO can be a greater task as your business lifeline depends on it. Moreover, its positives outweigh the negatives. It is time-saving for companies that have other strategies on priority. Let’s get to know the benefits of SEO outsourcing:

Expert handling & time saving

Time is money & money is time; we all have heard this and the same goes into SEO optimization. A well-executed strategy by experts not only helps you rank amongst the Google SERPS but also saves your valuable time. Moreover, the SEO experts, like those at Ikokas, know how to tackle Google’s tricky algorithm.

Pandemic-related competition

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many businesses have shifted online. Therefore the waters of SEO are getting competitive by the minute. Here, Ikokas’s highly experienced strategists make sure that your business does not go unnoticed and ranks amongst the top five searches on the first page.

Saves your money

Getting an amateur on board might harm your business. SEO is not easy and not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a vast ocean filled with multiple strategies that can only be solved only by those with years of experience. Here, outsourcing SEO services will come in handy with a pool of experts. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and let your in-house team focus on other pivotal roles.

Running with the industry trends

Staying up to date with the industry trends and norms is important and a tedious task at the same time. Marketing trends are fast, that the moment you open Instagram, you will find a trending challenge or a meme. This all happens in a jiffy and within no time it fades away.

Likewise, Google keeps changing its algorithm that causes last-minute errands with the SERPS. Ikokas and its team of SEO experts will manage your SEO and marketing needs to keep up with the industry trends. The bigger the team, the more boost your business garners online.

A dedicated team of SEO experts will provide you with the reports which will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the strategies and campaigns put to use. Our reports will let you know whether the previous and ongoing campaigns are delivering results. Ikokas will not let your business take the downward plunge and make sure that your ROIs are higher than your investments.

Letting Ikokas handle your crucial online business will guarantee you returns and our team will make sure that your business ranks amongst the tricky Google SERPS with cost-effective methods.

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