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Your website’s organic visibility is an important source of quality traffic with high conversion potential. 33% of all search result clicks on Google go to the first organically ranked page and 93% clicks go to the top 10 results. Does your website make it to the top 10? You’re missing out on all that traffic if your website does not make it in the top 10 search results. Bring in qualified organic leads, improve brand awareness and increase engagement with our SEO outsourcing services.


There are over 200 factors that a typical search engine algorithm looks at before ranking your page. Our team of SEO experts undertake detailed research processes to understand your current organic performance, industry performance and best practices. We then identify the key elements to be considered for the SEO audits. This would include a report on the current status of your website health, SEO score, crawlability, keyword research, interlinking, referral domains, certifications and so on.


Once the SEO audit is complete, our analysts ensure detailed analysis of all the reports. The insights and visualisations are then used to identify individual points where the website is not performing as per the expected standards and narrow down on certain focus areas to create a detailed SEO strategy.


Our SEO strategy experts then work with the specific areas of improvement identified in the audit to create a complete SEO strategy. This detailed plan includes areas such as list of high volume focus keywords, content strategy, acquiring backlinks & referral domains, optimising titles, meta descriptions, etc. The detailed strategic plan will then be sent to you for approval.


When the complete SEO strategy is in place, our SEO implementation experts work on each of identified elements in the strategy and execute the required steps for on page as well as off page SEO. This is the phase where our team is working on optimizing your existing content for focus keywords, gaining referral links, building internal linking and URL structure, updating CTAs, anchor texts, website copies and image alt tags.

Learning and Action Items

SEO is a consistent and long term effort. It takes time for the search engines to recrawl your website as and when the required changes are made. Over time you will see increasing organic traffic while our team monitors which keywords, content, links etc. are performing well and which ones aren’t. This is when we continue to follow SEO best practices and further optimise your website to maintain the increasing volume of organic visitors.

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