Social Media Marketing And Its Advantages For Your Company

According to a report, the number of active social media users worldwide will increase by 4.41 billion.

Man is regarded as a social animal. Therefore, he needs to socialise to become progressive and for self-actualisation. Due to this reason, the number of social media platforms users is increasing day by day.

Social media helps you share photos, videos and other content amongst the community. For example – Six degrees was the first-ever social media networking website developed in 1997. People used it to upload their pictures like a bulletin board. As technological advancements took place, other websites emerged like Facebook and Instagram. Hence, nowadays, these platforms are used to communicate and are also used by businesses for social media marketing.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a practical way to increase your reach among your audience and to build brand value to generate profit. There are four main aspects of getting a high reach amongst your audience.

1. Creation of fresh and plagiarism free content
2. Analyse the engagement value
3. Utilise the information to improve continuously

During the early years, businesses used social media marketing to draw potential customers towards the brand’s website to generate leads. While in the modern era, social media handles are seen as an extension of the brand website. Therefore, it is being used to please the algorithms of these platforms and scale-up users’ engagement.

Here are some advantages of opting for social media marketing for your business.

Advantages Of Social Media Marketing For Your Business

1. Enhance The Customer Service Experience

One of the perks of having social media handles for your brand is that consumers can interact with brands on a one on one basis. Brands that take their customers’ feedback positively and respond to their queries timely build a good reputation in the market. However, those who seem to be unbothered by their opinions tend to lose customer loyalty. According to a report, 71% of people who have had a satisfactory customer support experience via social media tend to recommend the brand to others.

2. Be A Part Of The Spirit Of Genz

When it comes to marketing your brand, staying updated with the latest trends on social media is recommended. However, failing to comply with these can lead to a reduction in engagement and earnings. Social media is the epitome of our society. All the latest topics and issues are highlighted on social media platforms. By finding out the content your users are interested in, you can engage with your followers. For example, many savvy brands hopped on celebrities to perform #TheKikiChallenge for their social media handles based on the popular Drake’s song.

3. Surge Your Sales With Social Ecommerce

Nowadays, customers prefer to make choices after scrolling the social media handles of the brands. The endless cycle of scrolling the review section and the website then the socials can become tiresome for the customers. Hence many social media platforms have now introduced the social shopping feature. It allows the customers to buy directly on these social media apps. According to a report, brands experienced a 20% profit growth due to social shopping features.

4. Build A Reliable Brand Identity

As internet usage is increasing, so is the risk of losing private data due to security breaches. It is why customers like to research the trustworthiness of a brand before proceeding with a transaction. Having an active social media handle can build the legitimacy of your brand.

5. Increase Your Brand Awareness

Social media marketing is a budget friendly way to boost your brand’s visibility. Executing a strong social media marketing strategy to engage with a wide variety of consumers can help you achieve your goal. You can start by sharing your social media handles with your contacts. Then, with regular engagement, you can reach more potential customers easily. For example, the women empowerment campaign by Dove has made the brand more popular.


SMM can offer innumerable advantages for small and large scale businesses. Start today if you have not created a social media handle for your business! You will experience increased traffic and rankings and convert more leads by posting regularly. The sooner you initiate the process, the more your business will expand in the future.

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