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There’s no need for an introduction to the fastest growing marketing channel that is ruling the online domain. Social Media Marketing (SMM) which includes building a direct reach with your target audience over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking platforms has helped several smaller brands compete aggressively with big old world players in a relatively short time. Brands that have strived to build consumer communities have managed to even surpass companies with a head start of decades over them.
Ikokas  has been the architect of successful social media campaigns for its clients, especially start-ups who wanted prominent visibility and a strong digital footprint. We believe this direct mode of communication via which you can share your content directly to your customers/ consumers is beneficial to B2B as well as B2C firms. At Ikokas, we drive success stories for clients by creating a strong direct relationship with your target audience via sharing engaging & compelling content through posts, tweets, video content across Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest. We have helped brands create loyal fans for themselves, which translates to more business.


Before beginning the marketing process for social media platforms, our Social Media Marketing team at Ikokas  embarks on a Discovery phase by researching trends, customer needs and competitors to allow you to tap the right areas of business. Our research of your target audience profile, their perceptions, attitudes & behaviours towards brands and your competitors give you a powerful insights into steering your brand better and differently. Increasingly users and brands are moving towards social media, making it one of the best and organic marketing trends. Ikokas Digital Marketing Agency has the best specialist social media marketing team in India, which does research on the market trends, hot-selling products, upcoming brands and competitor’s social media engagements and strategy. This helps us in pulling out data which we use to devise the right strategy for your marketing campaigns.


Ikokas has always impressed upon clients the need for an in-depth analysis of their social media accounts. This is imperative to demonstrate your brand’s loyalty and authenticity towards your customers. A dashboard that gives you data of what and how your brand is performing benefits you in shaping up your brand better. Campaign assessment and identification of your brand’s infographics and building on the research helps you in filling up the needful areas for your brand’s presence. As a Data Driven Digital Agency, Ikokas has
appropriate tools and a structured process to access data and trends to develop a plan and implement your social media marketing better.


A creative and engaging social media strategy is always a win-win. We believe in being focused, because it helps us to spot the target audience, it helps with our messaging and it creates results.

The more engaging you are, the more potential it has to gain prospects for your business. Setting smart goals aligned with your business objectives has higher chances of good ROI.

IKOKAS strategizes your marketing plan with consistency that improves customer loyalty and wins their trust. Our social media calendar creates an engaging account that increases your visibility over social media platforms-following the right accounts that boosts your presence.

We monitor the demands, market needs and business requirements and identify the key influencers to help you connect with your target audience. Our consistent efforts keep your social media existence alive and growing for on a long time.


Optimizing your content establishes your brand presence and creates an engaging network with audience by using RSS feed, bookmarking and quality content. Editorial content optimization gives you the leverage of spreading the right messaging for your brand awareness, wherein technical optimization advances your social media performance. Ikokas’ editorial team creates content that is engaging and caters to customers’ demand. It is important to know what your customer is looking for and using which platform. The top notch team of technical experts at Ikokas  creates a bridge of linking between social media platforms to reach the right set of audience for generating quality traffic.

Learning and Action Items

Our campaign review system helps us to stay true to our action plans. It not only gives us an avenue to evaluate our role, but also helps us to get better. The review mechanism captures the ongoing activities, as well as deliveries, and leaves no chances for loose ends. Incorporating your feedback and inputs aid us cultivating our ground which eventually makes us serve you better. To learn more about the top Social Media Marketing team in Delhi NCR, and how we can help you meet your social media marketing needs.

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