5 Signs Your Website Needs a New Look

Since digital trends are always changing, it’s hard to know when your business needs a website redesign or when the website needs a much-needed update. When it comes to something as subjective as design, people on your team may have different ideas about what looks good and what feels right.

So how do you know when it’s time to redesign a website? We have you covered. Read on to know when you should decide on a revamp:

1. Your site has too many features

Let’s just get this over with. Your website needs to be redesigned if it has a Flash intro, cheesy stock photos, or music that starts playing automatically. No need to keep reading.

When E-commerce websites first came out, there wasn’t much digital marketing information about how people think. Since there were so many things to choose from, it was easy to overdesign. To show that your brand was tech-savvy, you used big, colourful fonts, Flash animation, loud music, novelty fonts, and a lot of RSS feeds.

Today, everything is about being simple. Marketers and researchers say that too many parts make it hard to understand what your company is all about. Try one or two unique things instead to “wow” your audience. For example, one high-quality hero image on your home page is a great way to show off a featured project in a modern way.

2. it’s not easy to use your website

Even though “intuitive” is also a subjective word, there are ways to measure how a user interacts with your website. First, your navigation bar is very important, so keep it simple and put the most important pages at the top. Users should easily be able to scroll down, click on links, look at products, and buy things.

If you find that users “stop” at a certain point (for example, if 100s or 1000s of people look at a product but don’t buy it), you should think that something might be wrong with the process. Either it doesn’t work technically or something about it is too hard to understand.

To fix this, ask a focus group or a member of your target audience to look at your website and buy something (or pretend to buy something) without telling them how. Watch how they get from the home page to the point where they buy something. If they have trouble or ask questions, make a note of it. This is the best way to find out if your website is easy to use or not.

3. Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

More people are viewing websites on their phones instead of on their computers. And from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view, search engines like sites that work well on all platforms.

There is usually a link between how well a website works on mobile devices and how much people trust it. Users are much less likely to buy something on their phone if they can’t easily scroll or zoom in and out to read text. There are now a lot of website templates that come with a version that works well on mobile devices. It’s time to use them.

4. Your website isn’t linked to other sites

Websites that don’t use icons and tools for sharing on social media feel alone. Even though this is a small change, it makes a big difference for users. By letting your target audience know you’re on the platforms they use most, you’re meeting them where they live and play. Make sure to put social media icons in a place on your website that gets a lot of traffic and isn’t too crowded.

5. Google doesn’t know about your website

This one isn’t as clear, but it’s just as important. Poorly designed websites are less likely to rank on Google search results. This is because websites that look good, are easy to use, and work well on mobile devices get more clicks and have lower bounce rates. They get more comments and shares on social media, which Google takes into account when deciding how to rank sites.

Users rarely go past the first couple of pages of search engine results, so make sure your site design stands out. SEO Brand is here to help, whether you need a small tweak to your current design or a way out of a Flash-based nightmare.


A website is a crucial link that connects your business to the market. It gives them a direct line to you so they can learn more about your company. A great interface has the ability to increase sales for your company. Your website’s design is a representation of your company, thus it must be flawless, responsive, and device-friendly.

Ikokas assures to build a custom website that communicates with you and puts you in contact with your customer directly. To develop a powerful and memorable visual language for your brand and company, we use a data-driven approach to web design while keeping in mind human psychology and behaviour. Our website’s layout speaks for itself and connects with your customers’ vision. Our specialised teams work hard to develop and optimise your website so that it adheres to the most recent, cutting-edge, and pertinent technologies and trends that pique consumers’ interest.

Connect with Ikokas branding experts here to revamp your online presence!

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