Custom Build Application Development

There are over 2 billion Android users and 1 billion iOS users in the world. Android’s Play Store offers over 2.8 million apps, while iOS App Store provides nearly 2 million apps. Applications have come a long way, from merely being games to full-fledged solutions for some of our needs. Applications are an easy way to your clients, Custom Build Application Development.

In a post-COVID-19 world, apps have gained importance in daily life. Apps for shopping, reading, music, banking, and utility make life easier. Apps provide a one-stop solution for your customer’s needs. They also collect valuable insights in the form of Big Data.

What are Custom-built Applications?

Each business has different requirements. A product-based brand has a separate app compared to a service-based business. Applications can be built to cater to various functions. For example, if your company offers online shopping, an app can provide a faster and custom-made checkout experience. If your business is an Accounting service –clients can upload, download, store, and manage important documents. Apps can be tailored to the smallest of details.

Does your business need an app?

Understanding the need to develop an app is essential. A business must ask itself the following questions:

– What does the product/service offer?
– What are the problems with existing ways of accessing the product/service?
– What purpose will the app serve?
– What kind of app design will suit customer’s needs?
– What features should the app have?
– What kind of data and information should the app collect?

Answering these questions will help the App Developers understand, design, and build an application that fits your business and users.

Is an app needed when there is a website?

Absolutely YES. A website is a broad-reach platform, whereas an App is specialized and customized for specific requirements. Web browsers are generic in design, and An app provides instant access via smartphones and tablets – it is an essential digital asset. Apps provide a wholesome experience of your brand in a useful way. A well-built app uses brand elements, graphics, information, categories, and detailed listings. It also serves as a helpful guide to navigating the app for optimum use and access.

Apps are a significant source of user-data. They help in understanding customer behavior. Apps provide valuable insights about what customers like, engage with, use frequently, and dislike about your business. Collecting this information helps in crafting a better customer experience. Applications help in improving customer lifecycle and retention. Customers can access their order history, offers, new launches, wishlist, invoices, shipments, and several useful functions that always help them keep in touch with your business. App Notifications are an excellent way to keep your customers updated about new happenings. It is better than emails and texts, which are easily missed as spam.

Just one or both Android and iOS apps?

With over 3 billion combined users of Android and iOS, your next customer is using one of the operating systems on their smartphones. Publishing apps on both Android and iOS is a ‘MUST.’ Even if an existing iOS user switches to Android; they would like to be able to access your app on any device. Your customers should not feel restricted in terms of access – the most significant problem you are addressing with an app. Allowing the ability to switch between platforms while creating a seamless experience makes an application highly attractive.

How to build an App?

Developing an app requires technical skills and knowledge. Our App Developers can build the perfect app for your business. Applications must have a good User-Interface (UI) that improves the User-Experience (UX). For example, Android devices come in different sizes from various brands. iOS requires a varied design that supports features on various iOS devices. Creating ‘one’ experience among all is crucial. Implementing the right blend of UI/UX can make an application highly useful. It makes your brand attractive and customer-friendly.

However, building an App is only one step. Data specialists are needed to process the data to make it understandable and usable. Data warehousing service is required to store all the information collected. And, Digital Marketing experts at Ikokas can change the way an application is adopted.

Ikokas is an end-to-end IT solutions provider. Our talented team of App Developers work from scratch to create beautiful and useful applications for businesses. Our wide range of IT solutions such as UI/UX Design, business intelligence and data warehousing are integrated to mobile applications for optimised result and performance. Reach us at [email protected] for App Development, today. Or, visit us at for a preview of our comprehensive IT solutions.

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