Brands talk to their consumers. However, marketing communication is not the only way to brand. There are multiple ways to shape a brand’s identity. Additionally, a brand is numerous things and not just the products it sells. That’s why we at Ikokas believe in utilizing multiple touchpoints to establish a brand. 

One of these touchpoints is by packaging the brand as a whole through its design, making it more than its products and its offerings. This is known as corporate branding design. And it is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd and stand for something the brand believes in. 

Such branding goes beyond packaging and advertising the brand’s products. It uses the brand’s values and beliefs and communicates the brand’s story through design elements like its logo, stationery, letterheads, office premises, and more. Here’s how corporate branding design helps a brand.

-> Shows people the big picture of your brand

Every brand has a story to tell. From its unique inception to how it got more prominent in the market, it is stories that make brands different from one another. Corporate branding design uses every available medium to tell these stories to employees and consumers. 

-> Makes your brand represent more than your products

Apart from your brand’s distinct story, corporate branding design puts your company’s core values on the map. It showcases the very foundation of your brand to inspire people to engage with it. According to a survey by Label Insight, 94% of those surveyed are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers transparency. By putting a spotlight on your brand’s beliefs and policies as an employer and a player in the market, you bring in more transparency. You provide a peek inside the ethics that govern your brand and motivate people to align with it. 

-> Inspire better loyalty from your employees 

Corporate branding design can help you retain some of your best talents as it emphasizes the basics of a brand. These basics include brand recall. Indirectly, corporate branding design also makes your workplace attractive to the best talent from across the globe. Moreover, corporate branding design can help you financially too. According to a branding study by Smart Dreamers, brands that have low corporate branding pay 10% higher salaries compared to their counterparts. 

One of the best examples of fantastic corporate branding design and identity is Accenture. The brand has established itself as a workplace that stands for gender equality and a healthy work-life balance through its policies and corporate branding design. As a result, it has become an industry-leader that attracts the best talent and thereby, the best clients for its services. 

-> Establishes a connection between people and your brand

As per a survey by Consumer Thermometer, 64% of women surveyed and 62% of men surveyed reported that they had experienced an emotional connection with a brand. Therefore, it can be inferred that it is necessary to hone this emotional connection and build a strong bridge. Corporate branding design is a method that can achieve this goal. 

Take Google, for example. Aside from its employee-friendly policies, the company has used its logo, corporate workspace infrastructure, and stationary, to establish itself as one of the best places to work around the globe. 


In a nutshell

Your corporate branding design has a lot of influence on how everyone from your employees to your consumers interacts with your brand. Establishing and reinforcing corporate values, brand story, and boosting employee loyalty by getting corporate branding design right can help your business financially as well as sustain your brand in the long-term.

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