What Ecommerce Trends Will Define 2022

E-commerce has become increasingly popular among people of all ages. The advent of e-commerce has made it possible to purchase everything online. Additionally, it has become an essential component of global retail in recent years. As a result, businesses are now able to offer a better service to their customers by selling directly to them. To optimize the use of these platforms for your business, one needs to keep up with the e-commerce trends. It will also help you stand out amongst your competitors in the market. As per reports, E-commerce retail revenues are expected to increase by 5.4 trillion dollars globally by 2024.

6 E-commerce you need to know in 2022

Increasing Use of Voice-Guided Search

The voice-guided search has come a long way from being used on smart devices such as mobiles and fitness bands. People also use voice search on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon to curate their shopping lists. To remain updated with the trends in Indian E-commerce, ensure that your E-commerce website is optimized for voice-based search for computers and mobile. Also, it should be equipped with all vital information about your website to keep up with technology.

Multiple Payment Options

If your business only accepts payment via debit card/credit, it’s time to make some amends. In the current scenario, people have started to use digital payment applications such as GooglePay and PhonePe. Moreover, many online retailers offer easy payback options to enable customers to buy products easily. Additionally, offering multiple payment options can help you keep your loyal customers.

Opting for Subscription Mode

Selling a service as a subscription is another E-commerce trend that can help you retain your loyal customers. As per a report, the popular video streaming platform Netflix will have 178.5 billion members by the year 2022. Many businesses are now offering subscription models to increase their customer base. However, this model can only be beneficial in terms of a long-term mind-set in the industry.

Embrace Sustainability and Transparency for your organisation

The after-effects of climate change and global warming are faced by people daily. Companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint to address environmental concerns. Retailers are adopting sustainable packaging and production methods to reduce waste. According to an IMB survey, 72% of customers like to opt for sustainable packaging.

Use AI to improve the Shopping Experience of your customers

Every customer is unique and deserves special treatment. Remember that feeling of walking into a store and being assisted by a shopping assistant? AI is the latest E-commerce trend that can guide your customers at every stage to provide them with the best shopping experience. Moreover, it also helps curate a personalized shopping list for your customers based on their preferences. Due to AI technology, the E-commerce industry has grown by leaps and bounds.

Augmented Reality and Virtual shopping to increase sales

Virtual shopping has changed the game in the retail industry in 2022. Customers’ most common issue during online shopping is that the products look different when they receive their orders. This latest trend in E-commerce technology enables consumers to twist and turn the image of the actual product. It has improved their overall experience by helping them find the most suitable product without any hassle. According to a study, brands that offer AR technology on their website have a 94% conversion rate in the industry in the long run.

To sum it all up

The E-commerce industry is evolving every day to keep up with consumer preferences. Hence business owners look up to the latest trends in E-commerce to stay ahead of the competition. Technology is integrated into several aspects of the business, including production and delivery. Businesses are also utilizing technology to increase engagement and market their products to potential customers. Retail businesses can also ensure more productivity and save time by adopting these trends.

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