5 Top Technology Trends to Explore in COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has enabled significant and essential technology trends. These technologies can help to trim down the effect of the COVID-19 crisis by supporting the businesses to remain open seamlessly. Digital technologies can lend a hand in making the society agile in the face of pandemic and crisis scenarios. And these modernized technologies will have a lasting effect ahead of COVID-19.
Here are 5 topmost technology trends that can be of great assistance, considering how we enable our business, how we deliver our services, and how we work out our solution offerings.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations are in a pressing requirement for decision-making technologies to manage this virus and help them get accurate recommendations in real-time to shun its spread. AI works adeptly and has an approach to mimic like human intelligence. It may also play an imperative role in understanding and signifying the creation of a vaccine for COVID-19.
    This result-oriented technology is utilized to precisely screen, analyze, forecast, and monitor present patients and likely upcoming health conditions. The noteworthy applications come in use to track information of definite, improved, and death cases.


  • Business Intelligence (BI)
    Business Intelligence tools can be applied to mitigate the business impact of COVID-19 by using your organization data sets. BI tools can come in use to –

    • Find transparency when you require it most
    • Discover insights concealed in the diverse data sets
    • Make more assured decisions using reliable information
    • Twirl insights into action with reliance


  • E-Commerce
    Business models are being tossed upside down. Demand for several products, solutions, and services have altered overnight. We are viewing that even big-sized offline retailers are anxiously trying to figure out how to dwell alive.
    Some have portrayed the COVID-19 pandemic as the immense equalizer for eCommerce companies across all industries and domains. This eCommerce COVID-19 trend is the foremost time brands have had to change around all their business and technology concepts. Even while the most significant recession in the year 2008-2009, eCommerce wasn’t what it had transformed today.


  • App Development
    During the worldwide pandemic, most of the industries are rigorously suffering. The software outsourcing countries are in severe lockdown, and businesses are not engrossed in investing in a turbulent, indecisive scenario. However, technology/app development in some industries, including education, healthcare, pharma, music, live streaming, logistic & delivery industry, and technology-based SAAS products industries, are in high demand today.
    Notably, the global e-learning market is estimated to surpass the US $243 billion by 2022 from now and will see a high demand for innovative app development. The requirements to work remotely are advancing the application for new collaborative app development, facilitating a robust presence in all scenarios, and no disruption for business set-ups.


  • Cloud Computing
    As per reports, Covid-19 impact is estimated to push 64 % of Indian companies to adopt cloud computing. The India cloud market will observe an evident effect on the credible scenario in terms of heightened acceptance with the public cloud leading the front position of all infrastructure investments.

All categories of technologies related to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), end-point encryption, collaboration tools, and cloud tools will observe a massive uptake.

The Significance of Digital Readiness
COVID-19 has displayed the effect concerning digital readiness, which can enable business and life to be possibly regular during pandemics. Creating the needed infrastructure to back a digitized world and remain current with the newest tools will be vital for any company or nation to stay competitive in a post-COVID-19 scenario along with a comprehensive approach to technology enablement.