A dental surgeon practitioner who has started her fitness and lifestyle modification journey since 2005, her prime focus is offering a holistic approach to health and overall wellbeing with a seamless integration of exercise coupled with individual specific nutrition plans.

Problem statement:
Dr Shalini wanted to build a digital presence starting from branding, designing, development and marketing collaterals. The requirement of a website that is well-informed, self-educated and should focus on client-specific training, as well as enable e-commerce transactions, so that a broader base of the populace can be targeted for her skill sets. Requisite was to make it smooth, seamless and attractive for a better experience.

Our Approach:
We worked towards ideating and implementing the requirement with the expertise of domain with below steps:

Dr Shalini’s vision of transforming people is “LEANER, STRONGER & Healthier” to lead a happy and healthy life. The same has been kept in knowledge to create the logo that represents her vision. We decided to create a logo that says it all; Green depicts the health and nutrition values; Orange depicts the fitness aspect.

Marketing collaterals
Promotional materials can have a very big impact on calling people to action and establishing brand identity. Promotional materials such as letterheads, business cards, prescription slips etc. were designed keeping the business persona. The objective was to identify and create a collection that can be used to inform, guide and educate both prospects and customers.

Website design
A website that is informative and educational; at the same time, easy to follow. The design created was visually appealing and easy to understand. Each program and training module introduced on to the website allows a user to understand the holistic approach to health and overall wellbeing, with a seamless integration of exercise coupled with individual specific nutrition plans.

All the courses and certificates are also placed in the areas where it is easy for a user to learn and know more about the doctor’s professional expertise and achievements.

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