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We pride ourselves in honing your digital strategy for business outcomes that drive real results

A website is an essential bridge for your company to present you in the market. It is direct access to your audience for them to understand your business better. An impressive interface has the potential to generate good revenues for your business. Your web design is a reflection of you as a brand, hence the importance of it to be responsive, immaculate and should be geared for devices.
We, at Ikokas, ensure we create a bespoke website that connects you and brings you in direct interaction with your consumer. We take a data-driven approach to web design, yet keep in mind the human psyche and behaviour, to create a strong and impactful visual language for your brand and business. Our website design speaks for itself and resonates with your vision to your consumers. Our niche and expert teams strive to deliver and optimize your website that is up to the mark with the latest, cutting edge and relevant technologies and trends that create the best of interest amongst consumers.


The keenness of tracking and observing the changing market and the drive to enhance our designs through new technologies keeps us ahead of others and abreast with top of the line tools and techniques. During the Discovery stage, we assess your business, your target audience, and the emerging trends in your industry to create a distinct strategy for you. Our disruptive strategies and expertise in data research and analytics makes us unique and a key player. Thus it helps us excel and to deliver the best results for your business with the agility required in today’s fast paced world. Keeping your business model and needs in mind, we explore and work on a design for your website that is not only in accordance with your business, but also keeps you ahead of the market standards and norms.


The framework of your website is deliberated and discussed with you and once it is definitive, it becomes the blueprint for the final outcome. The creative design team at Ikokas keeps the customer / user of your website as the focal point and constructs a structure with detailed elements. The wire frame of the website helps to build a skeleton before the final outcome and allow us the window to collect feedback and inputs to modify and deliver a seamless visiting experience for your customers.


The most substantial and effective way of building the bridge between your business and your target market is digitalization. The Digital medium has evolved like never before. It is important for you to have an attractive and impressionable digital look. Once briefed on your business, we do the deep dive for you and then work out the design plan to position you digitally in a manner that marks your presence. That enables us to design a website that clearly represents the nature of your audience.


Color depicts your brand’s expression and is one of the decisive factors in building the identity of your website. While it is important to have the right color, it is also important to understand the psychological imprint on visitors / users since it is an influence on your audience. Ikokas emphasises on the synchronization of the website color with your brand identity. We understand the territorial effect and the need for balancing of right colors. Our design team uses state-of-the-art technology that creates a palate that is at one hand attractive, and at the other impactful to ensure the all important Call To Action on your website.

Final Design

Excellence and Experience is our driving factor and Ikokas’ deliveries are a proof of it. Before the amalgamation of entire web design and going out there in the market, we take an acid test of the website to validate our work. This ensures the precision of it. Post the pilot run, the final delivery takes place. We assure updates and incorporation of emerging trends and technologies to stay on top of the game in our business, so that you are the No. 1 in yours. We build a website that is consistent, business effective and garners the attention of your consumers to build the business and brand’s reputation.

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