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Usability Testing is a user-centered interaction design approach to evaluate a product by testing it with real time-users. This includes testing User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) to ensure effectiveness and convenience in using the product application according to the user’s point of view. The testing process is performed meticulously by running a list of tasks and monitor each step to identify any errors or gaps at a prototype stage.

At Ikokas, we focus on the main component of Usability Testing i.e. learnability, efficiency, memorability, errors, and satisfaction. We believe, in the present competitive age, it is imperative to create a unique product while ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for users. Usability Testing ensures it highlights any potential issues and is fixed before your launch. Some of the advantages of implementing usability testing are:

  • Early detection of bugs and issues
  • Product Accuracy
  • Modifications to increase the overall performance
  • Validates excellent user experience and satisfaction
Why is it Important?

The primary objective to run testing is to understand how your product will perform in the real-time scenario and make changes depending on the outcomes. However, it is not limited to analyzing performance metrics but is also a great way to know the users and their needs to offer them a better user experience. Our adept team of talented and dexterous researchers and QA engineers, who practice and perform every step of the testing phase vigilantly, ensure they deliver you a smooth and great product for our clients, from design to performance.

Type of Usability Testing

Remote Testing
Remote testing is done via creating a test plan across different geographical locations involving developers, testers, and multiple users.

A/B Testing
It is a method to put in two live variants of a website or app by sending half of the traffic to one and a half to the other and measuring the data to see which one has a greater conversion rate.

Mobile App Usability Testing
As goes with the name, it refers to the product testing performed on mobile platforms. It gives you an understanding of the user’s in-app behavior and how much does the user perceives your product on a different interface.

Hallway Testing
It is a technique using people with testing skills over a regular audience to test the product. This approach is effective for developing a new product and testing it for the first time.

Expert Review
Expert Reviews of usability are the evaluation of the product on basis of set design principles and guidelines by experienced testing experts. This is also known as heuristic evaluation.

Automated Expert Review
Similar to the expert review, automated reviews are provided using software programs based on the user-experience design and approach.

Our Approach

At Ikokas, we get to know your services and your business goals. We provide custom-tailored solutions that solve your business problems by utilizing qualitative and quantitative methodologies from user behavior to audience persona.

Our integrated approach includes research on basis of LEADER:

  • Learn – Establish business context & align with internal priorities
  • Explore – Conduct research to develop understanding & identify user problems
  • Analyze – Convert results into key insights and generate a wide range of ideas
  • Develop – Build a real representation of ideas for testing through prototypes or beta modules
  • Examine – Return to the user for feedback on designs through the live interfaces, web, or app
  • Revisit – Track again from step 1 for continuous improvements

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