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PowerPoint Presentations are a key tool for Corporate & Brand Communications. A great PPT design is an essential part of communicating well. We, at Ikokas, with our scientific data analysis, have found that it’s not only what an audience hears, but that is also important; what they see, equally is. Like your website or flyer, a PowerPoint presentation is often the first piece of valuable information that leaves an impression on your investors or business partners. In a nutshell, while we will represent your data visually, we will simplify any complex concept to get your key message across powerfully


Ikokas the importance of your ideas, and your set of designs, such that we can justify every single set of PPT for your presentation. As we know that a PowerPoint Presentation is one of the most dynamic tools to explore various ways to communicate with your audience. Our discovery process involves concept finalisation, data collection, data planning which are the most crucial factors to establishing the foundation and framework of any successful presentation. A PowerPoint is no more a custom made design, but is a necessary marketing investment and has become a crucial marketing tool as having a business card or putting up a corporate website. Our Designers & Research team dedicate much time to explore the framework from which your slides and created and built on.


Once the framework is finalized, it is imperative to understand that every presentation requires unique versions and hence we interpret the graphic elements accordingly and represent the design accordingly.

With this approach, as researched by us, the best creative designers at Ikokas, help you get a distinctive look & feel throughout, which can be used in all your marketing collaterals. We also check for the perfect balance and structure in terms of colors, font, image, size and even motion, to better connect and engage your target audience. We ensure our PowerPoint Presentation offers consistent design, high recognition value, and provides a unified look for all of your corporate presentations. This ensures that your unique brand identity is be adopted across all Corporate & Brand Communication.


When it comes to deliver a professional, fresh and uncluttered presentation, we at Ikokas, focus the ideation and your messaging first, and make sure that critical data is highlighted so your brand stands out. We make sure that our presentations are easy for your audience to absorb your message in an engaging, fun yet effective way. We also follow simple hacks like mixing the more detailed, informative slides in with simple, dramatic moments to keep your audience engaged. While you are an expert in your business, we hold the expertise on how to visualize your content to create the most awesome impact.


Our Design team chooses the presentation colors in light of the response you expect to elicit from your audience. Be it action, reflection, intensity, or tranquillity, we have our in-house proprietary data driven methodology to create a dazzling presentation that leaves an impact on your audience. Colors are known to influence moods and impact behaviour of the audience – this can make or break a slideshow – it can make your communication material understandable, readable or can distract your audience. We opt for a combination of color palettes and hues that compliments your business type or ideas giving taste and color to your brand Our team cherry picks colors from a palette in such a way, that it directs the attention of audience members towards the key elements of a slide. Ikokas focuses on the research patterns and plans ahead to create a more much efficient design to bring your ideas to life.

Final Design

Our expert Designers ascribe to the fact that presentations are another form of storytelling. You have to keep the audience engaged and on their toes. Ikokas guarantees delivery of professional looking, awesome and captivating PowerPoint Presentations that are based on our client brief and make revisions in the content along with our clients to arrive at the best solution. We also, make sure, no baby steps are missed and that the same are followed to make your PowerPoint speak more and bore less. We, believe in delivering excellence in our final presentation through our experience and look ahead to help in your journey of esteemed success.

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