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We pride ourselves in honing your digital strategy for business outcomes that drive real results

As online advertising continues to grow in complexity, finding the right partner to help you optimize your pay-per-click (PPC) program is crucial to driving successful business results.

The fact is, getting great results from PPC requires expertise, but it also demands a proven process that has worked before. Our expert team at Ikokas is qualified to drive the most value for our partners by devising the right strategy, accountability, and setting priorities based on pre-decided goals.
PPC is one of the most efficient ways to reach your target audience. It is by far the best way to generate traffic on your website which encourages more leads and prospects that are imperative for your business. PPC is swift in showcasing you on top of the search results in the absence of SEO presence, but is even more effective when it is used along with SEO. It is the fastest growing and demanded marketing mode that elevates your ROI and increases your brand awareness. With the help of our skilled team, we track the ideal space for your advertisement on the search engine. Not only this, but we also create the most effective and required keywords for your brands to be on top in the search feed.


PPC research is all about finding the right set of keywords for your brand that has more potential to transform your traffic into conversion. In addition to the generic keywords, it is important to have in depth knowledge of short tail and long tail keywords that are relevant to your product and business. Our research team deep dives into the market and observes the profile of your customer and competitor. As an outcome, we formulate a list of keywords that encapsulate different variations and are more specifically in sync with the search engine; which eventually increases the relevance of your brand.


PPC Analysis helps you get a holistic perspective of your campaign. Understanding spends, quality score and your CTR data gives us an insight into what’s working and not working for your campaign. Our PPC experts prepare an analysis using the key metrics to review your campaign. We put in place a mechanism that analyses performance, scoring and ad words, thus guiding us to the areas of actions which will help us in revamping your PPC campaigns. Our tracking mechanism ensures accurate data analysis for your brand and we set new benchmarks to enhance further success of your PPC.


Our PPC strategy is proactively aligned with the changing scenarios of PPC keywords and other evolving channels. The constant change in the system makes it critical for us to stay abreast of the latest developments to deliver the best for you. Alignment with the tools and channels is as important as updating of your keywords. A strategy that focuses on targeting and mapping your conversion actions and bidding strategy leads to a successful PPC campaign increasing your ROI.
Our smart strategic team drafts a strategy incorporating all the aspects of PPC including retargeting the audience and reverse engineering for your conversion funnel.


PPC optimisation defines taking a plunge into your paid advertising and other campaigns. A perfect blend of right keywords, ads and your landing page improves your brands’ bottom line. As a part of the optimisation, Ikokas takes care of your keywords limit and that the keywords and ad words are relevant to each other. Our essential task is creating a strong web page with the high performance PPC.

Learning and Action Items

For IKOKAS, it is important to review every performance irrespective of the client’s budget or campaign size. Our regular review mechanism educates us about areas of action. In our quest for better results, we evaluate our performance and integrate your feedback to plan the next campaign. With our goals aligned and strategy in place, we take action to grow your business.

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