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A logo is an image that embodies the brand of an organization. It is the most critical tool in terms of your product promotion arsenal and we, at Ikokas understand the potential of your business and subsequently look forward to make a logo that reflects your core values and mission. It must be easily recognizable and usable in any format. Creating a successful logo, takes experience, talent, and attention to detail. Our expert team of designers has designed logos for a variety of brands across sectors and can help yours find the identity it requires – whether you are a start-up or corporate that has a business need to re-brand to meet the demands of a transient audience. Ikokas believes we have the best logo designers, who are passionate to put their excellent design skills to work for your brand. We blend aesthetics with business awareness, to form an identity with emotional impact and deliver a design that always exceeds client expectations. We pride ourselves that we help shape and grow your business brand more vibrantly.


We all know that first impressions are very important, and successful logo design services can set the tone for how a company is perceived. We believe it is the core of every business or brand’s beginning. It will also have a major influence on the creative direction of your marketing & sales collaterals. The first step is to discuss your logo vision, your thoughts, and requirements and to create a design brief. The design brief captures the style, color, look, feel, and other details of your logo, information about your business and competition. Basis this brief, we conduct in-depth research focused on your industry, the current scenario, trends, your target audience, and competitors in the market.


Ahead of the brand name, the logo is the most stable element of marketing. We use an efficient system to help you get to the best logo possible. From design brief to final logo design, we have thought of everything to help you quickly achieve the best design. Our Designers, through our research tools, formulate a design – deciding on the right colors, shapes, and icon designs that define the brand type for your products or services. We, at Ikokas, look ahead to see your brand logo, engineered by us, which acts as a beacon, guiding your consumers to your products and services. Be it abstract, emblem, a letter mark, word mark, or pictorial, we find the best design as per the identity your brand holds. We create a set of three design concept options, each follows a different route, and each in greyscale. We intentionally use the greyscale as opposed to full color initially so that you can see the designs in their raw form. The options are all designed on the same insights emerging from the design brief and our research findings. Depending upon your distinct business requirements, we look into every single detail, be it, mnemonics or typefaces, color, or background. We want to bring about an ever-lasting impression of your most valued brand asset. Your logo at this point has started to take shape though is still far from the final product. We will discuss final changes to the logo design as well as emphasize getting the font and wordings right at this stage.


Once we hone our sketches and concepts that will work well for your business, we bring them to life on the computer. We use popular designing tools to visualize the actual wire-frame of your logo design. Depending on the design philosophy, we create a unique, memorable logo design that will help you stand out from the competition. Be it the Graphic, typeface, or color palette, we incorporate your valuable feedback, to streamline the designing process. We focus on simplicity and alignment, using professional models and systems we have perfected over the years. A well-crafted logo design that communicates a lot about your brand values begins to now emerge. Every logo is a strategic business tool and the design team at Ikokas, then meets to show you a unique, simple & timeless logo for your business. How you are perceived as a business is important, and we want you to be proud of your logo and to have an edge over competitors.


After another internal review to make sure your logo design bang on your brief, we put together a private, online page for you to review your logo. These pages include the color scheme we have worked on, as well as show the initial logo in black and white, full color, and reversed on a dark background. This gives you a quick idea of how the logo might work in different situations. Color is very important in branding and marketing because it is where first impressions of customers are based. Studies prove that there is really a significant relationship between brand color and customer reaction therefore it is a must for our expert team of designers to choose colors as per their influence on the target audience. When it comes to your logo, our logo design team at Ikokas chooses the right colors, since they are more than just a visual aid and convey emotions, feelings, and experiences.

Final Logo

Ikokas believes in crafting a visual identity for a product, service, or company that will have a lasting impact on the market. We make sure your brand gets great recognition with an eye-catching logo that is professionally crafted, to make your brand have a long-lasting impression, Nothing gets our hearts racing more than finding ways to bring your vision into focus and creating substantive opportunities for your brand. Before a final touch is given to your logo, we also elicit your valuable suggestions since you are the final brand custodian and owner. Once you have approved the final designs we provide your logo in all of the modern file formats (typically we include .jpg, .png, .ai,.pdf, and .svg files).

Ikokas endeavors to help brands transform what is – to what could be. We work together with you to deliver on our promise of keeping your logo unique, appealing, and memorable.

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