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An infographic is a collection of imagery, charts, and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. Infographic design can simplify and bring alive complex details of a company, product, or process, as well as market research data, in a visual manner. By presenting information in a compact and creative format, infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge, improve retention, boost engagement and educate your target viewer. In today’s age of information overload, people often prefer to visualize your story rather than read your story. That is why infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than textual content. Not only are infographics read more, but they are also shared more socially, earn more inbound links to your site and drive more traffic. They also have a considerably longer shelf life than typical textual content. You can build a strong digital presence by publishing unique infographics online that have to do with your niche. When integrated across the marketing funnel & within content marketing strategies, infographic design has been shown to drive major digital marketing results.


At Ikokas, our approach to infographic design is custom to each company. Every client is unique. So is every goal. Because of this, we begin each project with a detailed chat about your goals.

Our team of expert infographic designers collaborate with our client to understand and define their business goals initially. As part of this discovery phase, they then collect data on the client’s business, the target audience and the industry to build the best strategy and plan for the infographics & other visual content to achieve the desired goals. The discovery process is focussed towards fusing together marketing strategy and world-class creative production


Sketches are the method that helps our expert team turn your story into simple visuals for their better comprehension. As we ideate on your infographic design, we initiate turning them into sketches just to make sure that we are on the same page as you. Understanding the brand guidelines, the viewer of the infographic, and the topic, we’ll devise a visual game-plan that will connect with the purpose of the infographic itself. We visualise the data for your infographic design idea before initiating the actual development.

In this phase, where your infographic design is at its nascent stage, we look forward to seeking your valuable feedback to incorporate them to plug the gaps for the best outcome.


Now as we proceed into the digitization part of developing the best infographic design, the proficient designers at Ikokas buckle up with all their knowledge and expertise of working with the top-tier brands to deliver the best design crafted solely for your business requirements. We will put together a first-look overview showing the visual style, the icon style, color palette, as well as a wireframe mock of how everything will flow. Our professional team puts together a story, concept plan and then layout your infographic by creating a unique design to bring your digital dreams to reality.


Ikokas values your preferences. And, working with the topmost brands present in the market, we have brushed our skills which helps us channelize information through colours in the best way. While choosing the most appropriate shades for your infographic design, we depend on branch of psychology called “color psychology” which is the study that deals about colors and its effect to human behavior. Our expert team paints the bigger picture of establishing your brand voice through colors. Ikokas ensures your infographic design is ideal for visual communication and on-target with your brand.

Final Design

Precision matters! Yes, it isn’t just a mere tagline but, it is our motto to deliver the most precise and relevant infographic designs that are completely aligned with our clients’ ideas, brand tonality and image. The end result is a labour of love built on the marriage of industry data, expert opinions & key brand identifiers. Our graphic design ideas comprise of the best-in-class contemporary icons, brand-specific language, and effective colors that enhance our visual ideas. Ikokas knows the value of your time, money, and effort, and we strive our best to pay you back with enthralling data-driven results. Our impactful infographic designs help boost SEO rankings for pages due to increased time on page, lower bounce rates, and other positive factors influencing Google’s algorithm.

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