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The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, this was written specifically for me.
– Jamie Turner

Your content when it is all at once – attractive, interactive and responsive – makes this achievable. Compelling content that convinces your visitors to stay on your website is a win-win situation. The more relevant your content is, the more chances it creates for a conversion with your target audience.

As one of the leading Data-Driven Digital Agencies and experts at Content Marketing, we at Ikokas understand the value of content and consistently work towards leveraging it to strengthen your online presence. We understand the value of its quality and quantity hence, the right keywords, their density and the need to understand the buyer’s psyche is very important for us during our assignments. We thrive and excel in weaving content that connects and conveys your business. Below are the key steps we follow towards developing your content marketing.


IKOKAS has a strong data centric and research team that keeps a track of client’s website and industry.
Our Data Driven Content Marketing strategy has inbuilt timely checks that enable us to advise the client on their brand and other aspects that help us in keeping their website up to the mark as per world class standards. Our robust quality procedures and data system gives us an edge while comparing your brand’s work with the market and competitors. In consensus, the team examines your website and looks at it with the current, prevailing trends, and analysis their methodology and approach to better it, rather than to simply copy it. With the help of right skill sets, we share valuable inputs that helps in marketing your brand and business.


As a part of the marketing campaign, it is essential to do the analysis for the key parameters to be kept in consideration. Our Research team creates a strong database that helps us with the missing pieces of vital information that help us piece together the overall plan. A thorough competitor analysis gives us an insight into their business plans and strategies whereas the keyword analysis on your website and category, helps us in strengthening the database and in making additions/ deletions if required.

IKOKAS is a data driven digital agency, hence our core team has a strong foot in data management and with the help of data we help your brand with the inputs to succeed in marketing yourself as a champion.


Our leadership experience brings in the idea and thought that helps in cracking the hard shells. At Ikokas, we offer yet, creative solutions and our strategy aims to create value business and increased revenue. With endeavour is tat through joint efforts between our core team and you, we create winning propositions for all our clients – be it a start-up or a large company. While we sit across the table and address the bottlenecks and bank upon our prior experience to develop a customised approach that eventually leads towards successful steps in marketing your brand and positioning you in the right way to maximise your business potential.


Optimizing your content establishes your brand presence and creates an engaging network with audience by using RSS feed, bookmarking and quality content. Editorial content optimization gives you the leverage of spreading the right words for your brand awareness, wherein technical optimization advances your social media performance. Ikokas’ editorial team creates a content that is engaging and caters to customers’ demand. It is important to know what your customer is looking for and using which platform. The top notch team of technical experts at Ikokas creates a bridge of linking between social media platforms to reach the right set of audience for generating quality traffic.

Learning and Action Items

As a part of our own growth and self-construction, we run a monthly exercise as part of the performance reviews. It helps us in optimizing our internal process and areas of development. With every project delivered, we see ourselves growing and we incorporate our inputs and your valuable feedback. We strive towards taking actions on daily outcomes, and this ensures that we keep on evolving and bringing real results for any type of Client. Our zeal for learning has made us one of the key data driven agencies in Delhi NCR with clients across industries.

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