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In this era of a dynamic digital world, Ikokas understands the need for businesses like yours to create valuable space in your client’s life. As we all already know, these are exciting times where phone usage has grown 500% in the last few years. This makes a customized mobile application relevant in the current scenario and an easily accessible way for businesses to reach out, build loyalty, and increase conversion from their customer base-all at their convenience. With an eye-catching, engaging App that is professionally designed, adding value to your business becomes just a click away!

Ikokas leverages the latest technology and follows a structured data-driven process to create customized application designs for you. These data-driven designs are meticulously planned so as to not just be very appealing to the user’s senses, but also are highly utilitarian and functionality driven, both at the same time! Take a look at how Ikokas help you conceptualize an effective and impactful design to strengthen the digital presence of your business and to accelerate your growth.


We believe that no matter if you are taking the first baby steps as a start-up or are a well-established business, the only way to stay ahead in the game is by keeping up with the evolving trends. When it comes to designing a mobile application, we perform an extensive research to align ourselves with the prevailing successful market trends, to conceive an App design that would outperform the existing ones, and help you achieve your business goals at faster speed. The Ikokas approach is different from the standard approach since we synchronise our processes with not just industry standards and the latest tools, but also with the findings of the Data Analytics that our research team culls during the initial Discovery stage. This ensures that we provide optimized App designs to our clients


Once the end purpose and the functionalities of the App are defined, it is imperative to visualize a structure before initiating the actual development phase. Ikokas uses advanced art tools to help visualize the wireframe of the App in the form of sketches. This practice enables us to fill any gaps in the design in the initial phase itself, and also incorporate any feedback from your end, to streamline our design process and create a flawless application.


When it comes to a mobile application, the expert Design team at Ikokas leverages sophisticated software and a deep understanding of personalized consumer behaviour, to bestow a digital look and interface that’s quick in terms of transition, minimum scrolls on a section, smallest funnel of purchase, and many more elements of customization to make it compatible for all digital platforms. Every communication platform has a different tonality, especially in terms of visuals. The functionality shifts just by changing the operating systems of the phone.


The App Designers at Ikokas have worked on several Design projects for Apps across industries and they are aware of the various nuances that go into designing an optimal Application. We understand that choosing a color palette for your App is not just a matter of aesthetics. Each color is known to evoke a particular emotion when looked upon by a human eye, and if implemented in the App with precision, color psychology can help make your App more efficient in terms of user response, create a desired perception of the brand, and influence buying decisions. Once our Design team accesses your requirements and product offerings, they form the perfect combination of color palettes and hues to compliment your business & brand personality to give a desired look and feel to the App.

Final Design

Ikokas believes in delivering excellence, so that’s exactly what you experience in your journey towards achieving your business goals. Before the application can go into development phase and you can launch the application on the Play Store or iTunes as a value-add to your business, we prepare final frames and other functionality page frames that are needed during the development of the App. We also suggest constant updation of the design to keep up with changing trends and incorporation of customer feedback, to help maintain a quality standard that directly builds up to your brand’s unwavering image.

If you’d like to learn more about our App Design services and discuss your requirements, fill out a form and we’ll get in touch to provide a customized data-driven solution.

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