Local SEO

Has it ever happened, that you were looking for a local service or dealer in your area and found a bunch of irrelevant results on a Search Engine such as Google? That’s where ‘Local SEO’ comes to the rescue. The primary difference between just ‘SEO’ and ‘Local SEO’ is that going local helps your business by identifying the correct match of locality + business. The purpose of ‘Local SEO’ is to show local intent. For example, a search of “Pizza near me” should show the results of pizza places in your vicinity, and not all the pizza joints in your city. Therefore, ‘Local SEO’ aids local searches compared to broad searches such as ‘just pizza’. Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks highly for Google’s local searches. Statistics reveal that as high as 80% of local searches materialize and convert.
While SEO strives for the highest rank on search engines, ‘Local SEO’ tries to perfect the relevance of the search. At Ikokas, our experts help you make your website and business a better match for every search